Welcome To L.A. Woman Tours!

A lot of people say Los Angeles is sprawling, ugly, crowded and shallow. To those people we say: You don’t know Los Angeles. But we’ll show you! L.A. Woman Tours was started with the intention of sharing the city we love and examining the people who helped shape it. It’s just plain fun here and so is a lot of the history. And L.A. Woman Tours is devoted to fun. But we’re also devoted to digging for facts, dispelling myths and celebrating the local culture, which, contrary to popular belief, we have in abundance.

Currently, L.A. Woman specializes in the landmarks associated with legendary movie star Marilyn Monroe and 1960s rock band The Doors. We do, however, also occasionally offer special tours, such as Jean Harlow.

At first glance it seems like they’re all worlds apart. But magic happens in many forms and these are some examples. L.A. Woman Tours takes different looks at the city, but are equally significant in their own unique ways.

The stories of Marilyn Monroe, The Doors and others could have only begun here in L.A. and both reflect the times of which they were a part. And yet they have touched the lives and imaginations of millions and remain timeless. Few can make such a claim. Now you can see where and how these L.A. people became global icons.