Think you know the real Marilyn Monroe? Think again.

Marilyn Monroe, the most legendary of all movie stars, was born, raised, lived and died right here in Los Angeles. Her high profile has brought about countless books, movies, and articles about her life—many of these feature information that is skewed, stretched, exaggerated or flat-out wrong. Marilyn’s Hollywood is the definitive tour of her life and will clear up a lot of the bogus stories circulating in the media.

Oftentimes people like to focus on specific aspects of her personality, usually choosing to portray her in ways that support some sort of agenda. She’s seen as a sex symbol, a tragedy, a goddess, an angel, a child-woman, a lost waif, a victim—you name it, people have said it and over-simplified her. In reality, she was a smart, tenacious, sensitive, and complex woman who deserves a comprehensive look at her life. This Marilyn tour is the result of years of research and a labor of love. Chances are you’ll like the real Marilyn once you get to know her.

What you’ll see:

  • the orphanage where she dreamed of becoming a star
  • the former beauty salon where she first became a blonde
  • the restaurant where she met Yankee Slugger Joe DiMaggio on a blind date
  • the nightclub where she stood up for civil rights (and changed a beloved singer’s career forever)
  • the house (well, the gate anyway) where she passed into eternity.
  • You’ll learn about the people who helped shape Marilyn’s life and the places that inspired her

Marilyn’s Hollywood takes place in a comfortable mini coach. We will be getting out at various stops for photo opportunities, so remember to bring a camera.

Tickets for the standard Marilyn’s Hollywood tour cost $60. Please note that there will be a small service fee when you purchase tickets. L.A. Woman Tours uses Brown Paper Tickets. They are fast, user friendly and have great customer service.

Tickets for June 12 are available here: